1886 setting up the carpenter work shop for bended wood furniture “ Gross Brothers” close to the railway station of Sighetu Marmatiei, on Garii street no. 2, where today is situated and functioning the folding chair(Plimob1).

1890 setting up “ FIRST FACTORY IN MARAMURES for bended furniture and wood products” s.p.a., by reorganizing the former work shop. 1891 the first factory from Maramures for bended furniture and wood products s.p.a. was tacked over by“ALTMAN and HUBERT” company.

1907 affiliation to the bended wood furniture producers network from Austro-Hungaria, named “THONET MUNDUSZ”

1918 the bended furniture company is tacked over by a share holders company named “KRONOS”.

1922 the shares of “KRONOS” company are bought by “ABRAHAM HERSKOVICS and IOSIF KAUFMAN”

1929 the bended furniture company is recorded at “Regionala Industriala Cluj” with number 5459.

1942 from the total number of shares, 4700 were held by “HOLDING INTERNATIONALE DES BOIS

MONACO” company and only 300 shares were held by 6 owners from Sighetu Marmatiei.


company are bought by “ DR. LA ROCHE ALFRED BASEL(SWITZERLAND)” with management at Oradea city.

1944 the normal activity of the factory was paralyzed and unorganized due to soviet “freeing from Austro-Hungarian occupation” troupes, who took out 36 wood working machines from the factory.

1947 the factory begun to produce again, various furniture items, packages and other products, with some of the machines brought by the workers from their homes. The factory was registered at The Trademark Office with no. 25/1947.

1948 nationalization of the factory, taking assets into state property

1949 the chair factory is merged with the brushes factory (established in 1921) and with the IPEIL (Wood harvesting and Industrialization Company) Sighet, which were belonging organizational to the Wood, Paper and Cellulose Industrial Ministry (MILHC).

1952 based on decision no. 37 of MILHC, the bended furniture factory is separated from IPEIL and the brushes factory, becoming separate juridical entity named IPROFIL (Finished Wood Products Factory), directly subordinated to the Ministry.

1961 starting up a new industrial work shop with two levels, increasing substantially the working capacity.

1965 the bended chair factory “ Alexandru Tamas” is merged with CIL (Enterprise for Wood Industrialization) Sighetu Marmatiei, becoming one of the working sections of this enterprise.

1965 at 30th of October a new bended furniture section is inaugurated on the enterprise platform situated on B-dul Unirii, nr.40, which, starting with year 2000 will become PLIMOB2.

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