S.C. PLIMOB S.A. is a joint-stock company with activity in wood furniture production. The company was founded in 1990 and has its headquarters located in Sighetu Marmatiei, Garii street, no. 2. It can be found in the Maramures Trade Register under the number J/24/232/1991 with the fiscal attribute RO.

Despite the company being founded in 1990, S.C. PLIMOB S.A. has a history that spans over 13 decades starting with the opening of a small bentwood workshop in 1886.


1886 - The Gross Brothers set up a furniture workshop near the railway station from Sighetu Marmatiei where they used the wood bending method invented by M. Thonet for producing bent chairs. This location would later become the first PLIMOB factory and is functioning today as one of the factory's sections.

1890 - The Gross Brothers' workshop was reorganized and officially registered under the name "The First Factory in Maramures for bentwood furniture and wood products", the factory having a production volume of 25 chairs per day which doubled over the following year.

1891 - The factory was taken over by the Altman and Hubert company which facilitated an increase in the production volume and a diversification of the products.

1918 - The bentwood factory was taken over by one of its shareholders, the Kronos company.

1922 - Kronos' shares are bought by Abraham Herskovics and Iosif Kaufman.

1929 - The bentwood furniture factory is registered at Regionala Industriala Cluj under the number 5459.

1942 - By 1942, 4700 shares are held by a french company named "Holding Internationale Des Bois Monaco" while only 300 are split between 6 share holders from Sighetu Marmatiei.

1943 - Holding Internationale Des Bois Monaco sells their shares to Dr. La Roche Alfred Basel from Switzerland whose management was located in Oradea.

1944 - The factory's activity is paralyzed due to the interference of the Austro-Hungarian troops which confiscated 36 pf the factory's wood working machines

1947 - The factory resumes its activity by using machines brought by workers from their homes and is registered at The Trademark Office with number 25/1947 for producing various furniture items, packages, and other wood products.

1948 - Due to the policies and laws established by the communist regime, the factory becomes state property.

1949 - The woodworking factory is merged with two companies, a brushes factory and IPEIL Sighet (Wood harvesting and Industrialization), belonging to the Wood, Paper and Cellulose Industrial Ministry. This arrangement lasted for three years before the woodworking factory became a separate juridical entity directly subordinated to the Ministry under the name IPROFIL (Finished Wood Products Factory).

1961 - A second wood workshop is starting its activity, substantially increasing the production capacity.

1965 - The construction of the Complex for Wood Industrialization (CIL) from Sighetu Marmatiei is finished after three years, the bentwood furniture factory joining the bentwood section which was inaugurated on the 30th of October.

1975 - The CIL is renamed to CPL (Wood Processing Plant)

1989 - After the Revolution, the CPL is split into four industrial units, two of them belonging to S.C. PLIMOB S.A. (one being the first bentwood furniture factory located near the railway and the other consisting of all the wood processing factories from the plant), one becoming S.C. ENMEC S.A. (consisting of all of the energo-mechanical activities from the plant) and one becoming S.C. SIGSTRAT S.A. (which specialized in veneer, plywood, layer glued, and PAL production).

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